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Full Version: Doh! I Lost Monitor Support!
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Let me start off by saying I'm very new to Linux but excited to learn so hopefully you all can help. I recently installed SuSE Linux 8.1 pro (luckily I still have XP otherwise I'd be in the dark totally) and I got my Nvidia driver downloaded and installed for the geforce4 ti4200. Now, I figured out how to use YaST2 to change my display resolution to 1024 x 768 but when I clicked test my screen went blank and my monitor light was flashing. Not thinking (just finished a night shift) I clicked finialize. So I was promted to reboot my graphics so I rebooted my comp and after GRUB loaded linux the screen went black. Now I can go into the Linux mode from GRUB that's just the text interface but I have no clue how to rest my settings so my monitor will work properly. Oh, I also suspect the issue is with my monitor setting itself. I have it set as the default since my monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 753df) doesn't show up in the list. Could this be a refresh rate issue?
Am I screwed or is this an easy problem to fix? Thank you for any response!

biggrin.gif W00t! Uh, nevermind that post. I fixed my own problem *pats himself on the back* I didn't realize you can access yast2 in the text mode so I just set my monitor as a generic one with the resolution I want and the refresh rate I want. Now, where did that administrative manual go... I should probably finish reading that. Thanks anyway!!! **Sorry to waste your time if you bothered to read all this.**
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