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Full Version: Sound Kind Of..........
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tom boucher
I am running KDE 3.2 on Mandrake 10.1 I ran alsaconf for an ESS 1869 sound card. The only sound I had was in the KDE 3.2 Sound System menu when I hit test. There is no sound when I hit the midi test. I have been experimenting with some games. All of the games produce sound. There are no system test or bell sounds and CD's do not play sounds either. Weird. Any ideas
Try playing with the settings in Kmix, if you can't find it in a menu then just type kmix in Konsole. Keep a note of your settings as they are now before you play around with the settings but you shouldn't come to too much harm.

also I would try to turn off the sound server, the one that produces sounds when you click something or close a windows

maybe...just maybe that is causing the problem with your other software...

Robert B
Check Amarok isnt running (looks like a blue funnel in the sytem tray) - IT seems to keep cntrol of the sound system, prevennting other programs gettting a look-in

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