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Full Version: Amule Mandrake 10.1
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Fairly new to Linux and loving it.
Have got aMule up and running in Mandrake 10.1. - Logs on does everything it is supposed to do but downloads are very slow. 0.4 - 0.7kb/s
Have a DLINK DI-707P router and have enabled TCP 4662 and 4771 + UDP4672 but makes no difference.
What else to do?
Any help much appreciated. All and any information most welcome.

is it slow downloads in just aMule or everything? Go to and see what your "real" spead it. Then let us know. It could be a problem with the way you have aMule configured, or it could just be that you are getting slow connections. Eveyn with a fast internet connection some of those things download really slow.

Let us know.
Have a XP machine running Kazaa which appears to be running fine - 26.6kbps reported on dload.
This link test on XP returns 192.kbps
Same test on Linux box returns 106.1kbps

Running through same router etc.

Would like to get a comparison Preferences/Connection page .
Bwidth Limits , Uploads. figures - what should these be. - Will it make a difference?

Many thanks
BIG Sorry -
Mozilla on MDK box is very fast.

So to answer the question - all else seems to be working ok with linux but aMule is slow dload -
Seems that the upload is slow also - others are taking files from me but slowly - sorry all you guys.

Don't worry about it. Have you ever gotten fast speeds before? Because I remember a lot of these files servers as being slow regardless how fast yours was.
Must admit I have. BUT.. I have reloaded my Mandrake recently and I admit only have half a clue with it all yet. Downloaded 200MB at about 13 - 14 kbps 7 days ago.
That was bearable. As I said it all works OK except for the speeds. Have I not loaded something for the system maybe.

Have let it download all day and as you said the speed varies. Has gone from 0.3 up to 10.0kbps.
Guess that it is all ok just the servers vary. Time of day here seems to make a difference.

Anyway I will put up with it for now.

Can you give your opinion as to a good peer2peer for linux.

Thanks anyway for answering my initial post.

Any newbies reading this stick with linux - there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks Jim.

I like limewire, but then you have to go through the whole Java thing...
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