Ok, i tried practically everything, well not everything...heres the scoop:

When i install mandrake (10.1) with my Xircom pcmcia card, which works with EVERY other version of linux,...it detects it (red light is on) biggrin.gif , and i can see it under the hardware summary, etc...and mandrake even lets me update... cool.gif

So I reboot... blink.gif

Under verbose mode (lists whats happening in console...), it says finding hardware etc...then it says eth0 not detected [FAILED] mad.gif and a bit later loading xirpcmicia_cs (somethign like that) [FAILED] mad.gif

and obvisouly my internet does not work, i go into the control center and into hardware, not listed, and try to make a new connection and I choose the connection type and when i pick the driver, it just brings me back to the Manually Load Driver? page...I've tried taking it in and out, no luck... unsure.gif

maybe there is a way to reset my pcmcia slots or redetect it ohmy.gif ....please help me! sad.gif