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Full Version: Linux Keeps Freezing
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Around last winter, I ordered my computer, from TigerDirect. It was brand new in the box, and am using it as a server to host my site. I put in the redhat cd's, and it didn't work. There were MANY errors before even getting to the graphical setup interface. So that didn't work, then I switched over to fedora, which is almost the same as redhat. Anyways, the setup went ok, except there's some problems. Right now, I have it setup so it just stays on the linux console, and of course, I login as root, and leave it there, and people can access my site. Often times, like usually when I wake up, sometimes it freezes. THere's no specific pattern of when it freezes, just it does a lot. Sometimes the 3 keyboard lights blink continuously in a pattern, and sometimes it doesn't. If I turn on the monitor, it just shows a lot of text that is useless to me. Then I have to restart, and login again. Because of this, my site is down a lot. I need to know, what is this? Because this happened RIGHT when I got my computer, I assume it's hardware-related. Well, it's not the memory, or the hard drive. Could it be the motherboard? Is there any place in Rochester willing to get a diagonsis of my computer to see? Thanks for any help you can give me!!!

Ken Cooper
Try not loging in as root. I am not sure about Fedora, but I know some distro's freak out if you leave it in root, its a security feature. You shouldn't need to be logged in at all on the box for you server to run.

As long as all the processes you need are your start up script you should be fine. If you want to be log in, I recomend creating a user. Using root as a user is always dangerous.

However, I am tempted to believe that there may be some hardware problems if Red Hat and Fedora gave you that much trouble durring install. What kind of hardware specifically is it? You can always check to see if there are any know issues with this hardware set.
Thanks very much for the quick reply. Well, I bought this computer from a place online called TigerDirect, and I basically bought the entire computer (in barebone parts). I bought the case, the motherboard, the hard drive, the memory, the cables, and whatever else there is. When this happenend, I called the place, and they thought it was a memory issue. I had to spend MORE money to get the memory, and it turned out NOT to be the memory. It's not the hard drive, or any loose cables, so I'm wondering if it's the motherboard. First off, is there any way to diagnose it to see if there's any problems? I'll try what you said. If you have any more ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again!!!

Ken Cooper

PS - the specs are 1.8 ghz AMD Athlon 2800+ XP, 512mb ram, 160mb of space. And my cable connection to get it out to the internet.
Ya, but what kind of motherboard is it, and what kind of chip set.

My buddy did the samething, he got a computer "bare bones" more or less from an on-line store, it took him three weeks of screwing around with the BIOS and other stuff to get it to run for more than 15 mins without crashing.

So to answer your question, it may be the motherboard, but it may not be a bad motherboard if you know what I mean? So I don't exactly know what to tell you. You probably need to dig around and change some settings to get it up and running correctly, its probably not linux, but who knows.
I had a feeling it wasn't Linux. I knew it had to do with the motherboard, I just hope it's not bad too. Like you said, I have it running now with logging in at all, and that may've seemed to fix it. And if it did, I really appreciate it!!!

KeN Cooper
Try laoding fialsafe optons in your BIOS, and ifpossible ensure that the CPU isnt overheating. The extra processing when brining the system back up from standby might be tipping it over the edge. You might just need a new thermal pad

One very irritating thing about all the Redhat based distributions is..they run updatedb program quite often and if you computer is not a beast exactly it may seem that it is freezing(or responding slowly)

So next time when it happens...just do a ps -e and check if updatedb program is running.If it is,kill it and edit crontab file so that it doesn't run daily.

But this is only my guess,there could be a hardware problem also.
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