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Full Version: Mandrake Internet Connection
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help, help, please

totally new to linux etc... have just installed mandrake. i connect to the internet via an adsl router/'modem which has several windows machines and now a linux machine connecting through it...

when i load konqueror and try and view a web page i get the following message:

An error occured while loading

Could not connect to host

However if i go to the command line and type ping i get a reply.... also if i type the actual google ip address into konqueror the page loads..

any help much appreciated...

Is this happening with just google or all web-pages?
thanks for the reply jim,

its any webpage not just google, sorry should have made that clear...

i can ping any host,, etc. and get a reply, .i can then type the ip address that is returned by the ping command into konqueror and the page loads, but just typing the host name into konqueror gives me the error message.


Let me propose a work around that may or may not work, either way, your better off. Go get Firefox ( and try that. Firefox is a vastly suprior browser anyways. If the problem continues that I am going to have to try to figure out what could be causing this. Try Firefox, you will like it.
thanks again for your reply,

have installed firefox... unfortunately i still have the same problem...

typing an actual ip address into the firefox address bar returns the page without any problem; however typing the name,, etc. results in an 'Alert' dialog box with the following message:

The connection was refused when attempting to contact

Any help or advice much appreciated..


seems like a dns error did u set up the correct dns ip in drakconnect?

just my 2c
Check the /etc/resolv.conf file. Does it contain any nameserver information?

Are you using a static IP address or DHCP?
i also originally thought it was a dns problem but when i found i could ping host names i presumed it wasnt, or thought perhaps there was a seperate setting for the browser dns server??

i havent used drakconnect... ips are assigned by router

my resolv.conf file is as follows:


which is the address of my router. which also acts as a dhcp server and assigns the ip addresses to my mandrake & winxp boxes.. the winxp box also has as its dns server and works fine...

thanks for your previous post & patience..
Heyho, sorted...

i replaced the router ip in the resolv.conf file with the actual dns ip and it works fine... i find it strange though that the ping command could use the router address as the dns server but a browser couldn't.. any ideas why this is???

thanks again for taking the time to reply

I'm baffled by this... my resolv.conf file keeps being reset to nameserver and if have to change it back to the dns server address, i work with it ok for about half an hour and then i'm unable to view webpages and find the resolv.conf has reverted back to nameserver

any help much appreciated..
The DHCP is telling your system to use as the gateway/DNS. You could set the network settings stically, and it would stop getting overwritten

You could also change the file permision on the file to 444 that will make it completely read only, it may stop the system of over writting it.

Run chmod 444 /etc/resolv.conf

Of course, if you even want to make changes in the future you will have to change it to 544 to be able to edit it. Try that, it may work.
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