I'm downloading mail from my ISP via fetchmail (they have MDaemon installed) I've got Postfix via Hughesjr guide a bit modified.

The problem is :

2days ago I recieved 3 e-mails from my mailscanner telling me that there is problem, the following sender leopoldine.list@schloss-raggensdorf.com sent me a mail (3 actualy) that had a Denial of Service attack in e-mail detected thing...well I though since my colegue was actively communicating with them... I've contacted the services@schloss-raggensdorf.com , told the sysadmin what the problem is send i'm the copy of the e-mails I've got.

And today I recieved 2000+ e-mails from that leoplidne.list address... this is bad, they won't respond...don't know how to conntact to kill that site or do something with that e-mail server they got there.

Can anyone tell me how can I drop all mail to /dev/null from schloss-raggensdorf.com with the fechmail->postfix combo ?

Robert B