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Full Version: A Couple Of Dumb Questions
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Linux Victim
Hi there.
I know these messages may sound simple and basic, but please don't flame me. Anyway, I was wondering how to uninstall a program that was installed by untaring, ./configure, "make" and "make install". So far I've only had experience with RPMs, so I don't know.
My second question is concerning the program called apt-get (I think). I've found its page (, but am not sure what to download. The reason I'm trying to download it is because I heard someone mention it, saying it resolves package dependencies by itself.
My third and final question is whether it's possible to broadcast music over the net on Linux (a la ShoutCast for Windows), but with the mp3s on another computer.
Thanks in advance and sorry if these questions sound stupid/silly!
I dont think theirs a auto uninstall for the ./configure make make install stuff. To my knowledge you haveto do it the hard, old fashond way and go to all the directorys where it has files and take them out.

As for the shoutcast thing. Its really simple.

Get the shoutcast server at, downloads, server, linux.

Then get the DJ tool, and put it on whatever MP3 player your useing.
(Easier with windows, not sure about nix mp3 players)

but if the mp3's are stored on a windows hd, and you want to broadcast through linux, then you need to share the windows folder that has the mp3's in it. Install samba, and configure it, and then its self explanitory from their.

If this dosnt explain it, ill try again. Its late, and im porbubly not makeing scence.
Linux Victim
Hey, thanks for the tips Mog_m!
One more question about the .configure make make install thing, though: How do I find out where it has its stuff installed? When I type whereis [package name here] it only comes up with 3 dirs and I seriously doubt that's all. Any pointers?
Again, thanks in advance!
Try the directory you did the install from (you didn't delete it did you?).
Some pkgs come with a

make uninstall

option. Also, you may be able to figure out the info from the README/install script.
Good luck
Linux Victim
As it turned out it was "make clean", but thanks for pointing me in the right direction, chrism01! smile.gif
Glad to help smile.gif
BTW, if you're using Redhat and register with them (i think the 1st system is free),
the up2date tool on the System menu resolves dependecies automatically too.
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