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Full Version: Newbie Help - Windows Partition Destroyed?
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I'm relatively new to Linux, and I've been trying to install Linux on dual-boot on my laptop. I tried SuSe and Mandrake but they didn't work too well due to problem with drivers, so I tried next Fedora Core 3. During installation I select to remove all Linux partitions (I did not choose remove all partitions, although in retrospect I should have chosen to keep all partitions), but it appears that it deleted my Windows partitions as well, so now I have the problem of trying to recover my files in the Windows partition. What went wrong and how do I get my files back if it is at all possible? I have no problem with installing the others so why is Fedora a problem?
Well if you actually did delete your windows partition getting your files back is very very complicated.

Are you sure you deleted your windows partition? and did linux write over the files? If linux wrote over the files your pretty much done.

I am not sure why Fedora deleted your windows partitions, my guess that it ether didn't, or you set something up wrong. Let us know some more specifics and we might be able to help you, but my guess is that its a wash.
OK, it doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought. The Windows partitions are still there, but I can't see them from Linux (which I can with previous installations) and something's not right with Grub. Anyway I think I'll just install something else and hope for the best.

Fedora does not include NTFS readers in its basic install. If you want to read the NTFS partitions you will have to intsal the NTFS readers for Fedora.

Thats the small price Fedora pays for bing based inside the US and having to respect US patten laws.
Thanks for the information. Can you recommend a good ntfs reader? I need to access the Windows partitions to read some data.

So far I've been having problems getting Linux to recognise the setup on my laptop (ATI mobility Radeon 9700), and Fedora is one that almost does it (it has 9600 and 9800 but not 9700), do you know where I can get the driver for this (no luck on ATI site, and the company that sold me my laptop don't do Linux)? I need to install a software that is pretty fussy, and so far I have no luck at all with SUSE and Mandrake due to driver problem.

If you have links on how to modify Grub, it'll be much appreciated as well.
To add NTFS read support to FC3.

You can also try the following. I do not have any actual experience using it.
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