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Full Version: Kill Command
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Hi guys

I hope that someone can assist me with something.

I need a command to kill a lot op processes created with apache without restarting apache.
I know that you can kill one process at a time with the following command: kill PID

is there a way that I can kill processes that has been started before a specified time?
Anything will help other then killing them 1 by 1 ??


there is
killall processname

Robert B
for apache... killall httpd
Since all processes (that I know about) started by apache are called httpd so
killall httpd
will stop apache completely which I guess isn't what you want. When apache is started its pid is saved in a file which will indicate the time but not the others. You can limit the number of processes apache starts via the httpd.conf file. Or am I completely off base.

So what is the problem?
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