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Full Version: Command Line And Firefox
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i'm new so bear with me...

I'm trying to do things WITHOUT the GUI. However, after installing Firefox
via command line I am NOT able to call Firefox from there.

[baba@192 firefox-installer]$ ls install.ini*
chrome/ install.log*
components/* license.txt
config.ini* mozilla-xremote-client*
defaults/* plugins/
extensions/* registry
firefox** res/
firefox-installer** searchplugins/
firefox-installer-bin* libsoftokn3.chk watermark.png
greprefs/* xpi/
header.png* xpicleanup*
[baba@192 firefox-installer]$

ALSO, if anyone can point me to a good "step-by-step" or "how-to" guide for
installing most vanilla progs (NOT rpm style) I would appreciate it.

thanks in advance,

Here is your guide for vanillia programs.

Step One: Unpack
Step Two: Read the README
Step Three: Follow README
Step Three.b: If README sucks, and some times they do, these three commands
make install

Step Four: Figure out what the bin is called.

There, I don't mean to be demeaning, but the real key is to get at the read me. 99% of the time those three commands will work. If there isn't a config file, just skip right to the make. But that should work most of the time.

As for launching firefox. ./firefox should work. As long as you are in that directory. In general ./ is used to exicute commands not in the bash. If the file isn't exicutable, it will just give you an error.
Good info, thank you!

Made a link to it in /usr/bin/firefox ("ln -s" method)
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