I bought a SanDisk ImageMate-CF (SDDR-91), plugged it in and got no response.

YaST2 Hardware Info reported the dev_name as...
/dev/by-path/usb-storage-0100581135:0:0:0 (which points to /dev/sda).

Tried... "mkdir /media/cfcard<cr> mount /dev/sda /media/cfcard<cr>".
Received... "mount: /dev/sda is not a valid block device".
I received the same error message for sda[1-8].

Tried... "mount /dev/by-path/usb-storage-0100581135:0:0:0 /media/cfcard<cr>".
Received... "mount: can't get address for /dev/by-path/usb-storage-0100581135".

SW: SuSE 9.1 Personal (w/ latest patches)
HW: Compaq Prosignia 330

Any help is appreciated!

Many regards.