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Full Version: Web Browser Issues With Konquerer
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tom boucher
I am running a dual boot system with XP and Mandrakelinux. In Linux, the default browser is Konquerer through the KDE desktop. It appears to work fine, but many of the pages I go to for work have menus at the top of the page. These menus are not appearing. Is there a way to fix this? Also, I do like the Firefox browser. I downloaded it fine, but it does not appear under the internet application under the drop down menu. Is there a way to do this, and to make it my default if need be? Thank you.
You'll have to make the link yourself. If you're using KDE (you probably are) you right click on the Gear icon in the lower left hand corner and go from there (not sure exactly how... I'm in Windows right now). Firefox is probably installed in /usr/local/firefox-installer (at least that's where it defaulted to with me). If not, you can just do the following:

whereis firefox

and it will give some different places where it finds files with the word firefox in it. You'll have to point your menu link to the file firefox within the directory. Sorry if my directions are vague and/or confusing. Just post back if you need more help.

tom boucher
Is the little gear icon available when the application is open? I did not see it. I managed to make a short cut on the desktop with it. I would like to figure out how to get it to the application menu though. (i just hate all of the short cuts on the screen) I think I have found the correct location for the file that actually launches Firefox. Is that what I need to transfer? If you or someone could explain the actual transfer part, how to, etc... that would be great. I have been trying to move, transfer, copy, etc.. the application but I have had no luck. THANKS
tom boucher
I went under newbies and found some frequently asked stuff and useful notes. This may be my solution. Again, if you have some answers to the above I would appreciate it.
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