I have a problem: I am using RedHat 7.3 (no, this isn't the problem smile.gif) and I configured a UPS with powstatd. The power failed, but came back. Now whenever I log on it says:

The system is going down on Mon Feb  3 17:56:19 2003

Power failure: system operating on batteries.

I have no idea how to get rid of this message, nor why it still keeps popping up to annoy me. Have I misconfigured something?

[EDIT] update.. I seem to have gotten it back to working state, by running shutdown +5 then shutdown -c.. but the same thing just happened when I accidently sent in into maintenance mode (with a five minute delay) and I had no choice but to hit the reset button (this machine does not have keyboard or mouse connected and is accessed via telnet on my network). The same thing is happening again. Also, because I guess it believes there is a shutdown in process, I cannot log in as anyone other than root, which I can't directly do over the default telnet setup, which means I had to find a keyboard and plug in and restart to fix.

What is happening?