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Full Version: Nautilus & Man Page Exiting
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I have FC2 and i'm wondering a couple basic things...

1) When browsing the file system with Nautilus (i use the GNOME GUI), how do you make it so that when you open a file it opens in the same window? (rather than a new window every time)

2) In the terminal, anytime i use the "man" command i get the help page to display correctly... but then when i (pressing spacebar) get to the end of the document, it has a small black box highlighting the word (END) and I can't get it to exit the Man page and return to the command prompt without just manually closing the window and opening a new terminal. I've tried SPACEBAR, CTRL-X, ESC, RETURN, CTRL-ALT-X, TAB.... nothing works sad.gif Is it possible to exit the man page without just closing the entire terminal?

After looking through multiple preferences and doing a couple searches I couldn't find anything. blink.gif
'q' quits man
'b' goes back a page

I don't remember the rest, but I think you can do: man man to get a full list.
awesome. thanks, also..

'spacebar' -forward a page
'return' - forward a single line

man man works too.

anyone know about 1) ?
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