Under SuSE 9.0, I did something to my startup setting so that my monitor turns off (goes into NO INPUT mode) before the login screen appears. None of the "rescue" from the SuSE 9 DVD are helping so far.

Last night I tried to hook up a new LCD monitor to my SuSE 9.0 / Windows 2000 dual boot computer to replace a CRT screen.
I am currently using the ATI 9700 with the recent ATI 3D drivers.

1. Logged into Windows with new monitor and monitor works.
2. Logged into Linux, at the point where the screen resolution changes to show the KDE login screen, the monitor went black.
3. Logged into Linux Safe Mode, attempted to "fix" /etc/X11/XConfig86 to work with the new monitor, but kept on getting the same result as step 2 when I tried to startx.
4. At this, point I thought maybe I could get back to some sort of "default" X11 config settings so I pulled out the DVD and tried to "repair" my installation.
5. After this point, under either the normal login mode or under safe mode the monitor shuts down before the login screen appears (for normal login) or before the login prompt apears (for safe mode). The "progress" info that appears as linux is booting appears to proceed normally.

I am able to access my files when logged in under windows using rfstool so I'm pretty sure the linux partitions are still okay. I think I've just messed up some sort of startup config, but I don't know how to fix it.