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Full Version: Best Mandrake Linux Version To Use
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tom boucher
I have a 32 bit system running Win XP at the present time. I have been reading about Mandrake Linux, and I think this is the version of Linux that I would like to go with. Are there any recommended versions to use? I see 10.1 is the newest. Would this version work? How compatible is Windows? I do not have much space, so I may have to do a clean install of the Linux system. Will I be able to use any of my old programs, transfer settings, contacts or email information? Thanks.
well tom from what i read it sounds like you want to know if any of your windows programs will function under linux ?, correct me if i am wrong, the answer to that is No in most cases usually games and certain office applications will work with W.i.n.e but they require some modifications to w.i.n.e in most cases and none in others.

Now as to email contacts and such they have to be imported by hand (I.e Manualy entered in the Linux Email program) and the Mandrake 10.1 is a good choice as it is compatible with 32 and 64 bit Cpu Archs and Amd.

Now as for install if you go with the standard install that mandrake suggests you could get by with a 1.2 Gb install but you can shave that down to 800 MB, aslo if you need to dual boot to use certian windows programs that is best compared to using wine.

but if want a clean install of linux you can use crossover office run windows apps under linux but that is also no gaurantee that it will work but it is more likely to than just plain w.i.n.e.

i hope that helps you in the decision process and i hope i did not desuade you from at least trying linux once that was not my intent, i just wanted to make sure you knew what you would/might have to deal with in relation to getting it to work the way you want.

Russell Morton
tom boucher
I appreciate the information. I tried Fedora, and liked the way it ran and all. It appeard to be much more stable. However, I do believe Mandrakelinux is the way I would like to go. I was asking about the Windows programs because I did not know that there were compatible type programs out there. I found a website that lists many compatible programs for Windows replacements. The big downer for me was that I could not find a way to transfer all of my contacts with email. You mentioned manually doing it. I was not sure as to what you meant; as in manually reentering each one or some sort of import. As far as the W.I.N.E application; I saw it as I was browsing and thought it may have to do with Windows applications. What does it do? How exactly does the dual boot system work? I am still researching that one. Is dual better than straight Linux or vise versa? Again, I appreciate the information. I am trying to get educated on Linux, it just takes time. Thanks for the time and patience.
tom boucher
I did a nice install with 10.1 and have been checking things out. I am playing with a lot of the programs and experimenting finding out what does what. Pretty good stuff.
Wine provides most of the functionality of Windows itself (at least that is the idea). Basicaly, it acts as the Windows API, and allows Windows applications to run without a "real" version of Windows installed.

Dual-boot basically just gives you the option of which OS top boot when you turn the computer on. Linux can normally "see" windows drives (eg C: normally gets mounted in /mnt/winc or similar) but Windows cant see your Linux drives. Dual-boot is benefical if you want to use windows applications occasionally, eg games, which wont run under Linux.

I have Mandrake 10.1 Official on my system and just installed Turbo Tax on it.
It installed but run into a problem finding it in the system and running the program.

Any one have an idea where I go next?

Get into a terminal (run command -> konsole) and then type turbotax - It should work. If the command isnt found, type turbo and then press tab to give a list of all commands that begin with turbo

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