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Full Version: I Have My Iso Files, Now What?
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Since this is my first post, let me introduce myself, my nameis Nick. I am a 6th quarter, soon to be 7th, student at ITT Tech. In our studies we got introduced to Linux last quarter, a basic introduction. Then this quarter we played around more with administrator type things. The version we used was RedHat 9 2.4.20. I am interestedin persuing Linux professionally when I graduate, a goal none of my other classmates share.


I decided I needed to look into some other Linux "flavors" so I downloaded the Debian ISO's. I unpackaged them (which is where I went wrong) and tried to follow several websitesas to what I should do to create a bootable CD to install Debian.


I have all of the Debian ISO's sitting on my desktop. What do I do next? I know it's kind of vague, but I'm not really sure what to do next and can't find any really good, very specific, step by step procedures listed anywhere.

And another question before I ruin another CD, do I need to leave the ISO's packaged before I try to put them on the CD?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

So what application do you have to burn CDs? If using Nero or Roxio select create CD from image.
You can not extract the files nor drag an drop via XP and create a bootable CD.
A classmate of mine ran into the same problem. He was always downloading ISO's and then extracting them to a temporary folder and adding them to Nero to be burned. The problem with this is that the cd will not be bootable. ISO's are cd images, which means that they are an exact copy of a cd. In order to burn a bootable cd, you need to open your CD burning software, and find an option that will "Burn Image" or "Burn ISO" or something along those lines. If you use nero, you can open up the Nero BURNING Rom, hit cancel on whatever wizard pops up, and then select the Recorder menu and then "Burn Image". You will be presenting with the file dialog box in which you would select your Debian iso image. When the cd burns, it will retain all the bootable information from the original and allow you to boot off it.

I'm unfamilier with any other Windows burning software (including WinXP's builtin burning stuff).

By the way, how is the education at ITT Tech? I've seen commercials on it, i am curious if it's all it's cracked up to be?
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