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Full Version: Cannot See Computers On Network
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Hi !
I am using Redhat Linux 8.0 on my 2 pcs. They are installed with Realtek network cards and i connected these 2 pcs with cross cable.

I used the Network setup program in redhat linux 8 to activate the 2 network cards respectively. The specifications of the first ethernet card is as follows : IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
HostName: localhost.localdomain

The specifications for the 2nd ethernet card is:
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
HostName: localhost.localdomain

I got the IP address and subnet mask information for the 2 cards using windows. However, after activating the 2 network cards, I do not know whether the 2 computers are successfully connected.

So, may I know how to check whether the 2 computers can 'see' each other on the network? Is there any program or window which allows us to see and acess other computers on the network ( like Network Neighbourhood in win98 ) in the linux GUI ? Or is there any command to be used in the terminal to check whether the 2 computers are successfully connected ? Lastly, are the specifications given above correct ?

Please reply quickly if you can. Thanks !!

I am trying to do almost exactly the same thing myself! I don't want to share internet connections, files, printers or anything like that - I just want two Linux PC's to be able to speak to each other, so that I can do some network programming using sockets. But the only help guides I can find don't seem to answer my questions (not saying that isn't my fault though!).

Anyway, I think that a way of seing of the two computers are linked successfully would be to try and PING one from the other. Open a terminal window and enter the command:

ping or 6)

and it should come back with some results. If it says "connection timed out" 4 times, then they aren't talking. But hopefully it will come back with "Reply from" 4 times - which would mean they are talking!

Anyway, I hope this works for you - I'm about to post a message myself!
Personally, i'd give them different names as well as diff ip addresses. Then you'll get more sense from such things as ping, traceroute etc. Also, it'd enable you to use DNS eventually.

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