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Full Version: Hacker Probs... Please Advise
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While using my Suse 9 linux last night I had a mysterious occurence... Quicktime (running via cxplugin) opened itself and then tried to run one of my quicktime files which has now changed it's name to Filename_copy_01... also Quicktime no longer works it just freezes.

Was this a Hacker related problem or is to do with cxplugin?

please help as I am no longer going to use linux if hackers are getting such easy access to my pc.... also is it possible to install a firewall, as the options in suse seem to be for a server, which is not what I am doing...

Also, how do I put my Grub bootloader back onto the pc... I removed it by fdisk /mbr in my panic last night...

please help

First, in regards to firewall, SUSE has a built in firewall that can be configured through YAST, so, poke around in there and setup your firewall.

Does your system have any easy-to-guess passwords? Do you use good passwords that consist of letters and numbers? Check the file /var/log/auth.log to see if there were any failed attempts at logging in, this would be a good indication of brute-force password attacks.

Or, this could just be something random with cxplugin, i've never used it, so i have no idea.
Cheers for that...

I have now had a little look around, I have configured the Suse firewall... however I have removed Suse and gone Mdk 10... I must say it is a very nice OS.

Thanks again
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