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Full Version: Installing Another Distro On A Xandros Box
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I have a box with only Xandros installed. I want to install Ubuntu -- I'd prefer to have dual boot, but right now I wouldn't mind replacing Xandros with Ubuntu. The problem is that when I put the Ubuntu install CD in and boot (with a boot order of floppy, CD-ROM, HDD1), the Xandros install screens comes up... I'm confused. Any suggestions? Thanks.
There is probably something wrong with your CD. I asume you downloaded an ISO image? Did you check the md5sum? If you didn't do that, if it was correct, burn a new copy, and if it still happens, then we know its something else wiered. But my guess, its a bad burn or a bad ISO.
The Xandros install screen? So, you're not getting the regular Xandros boot loader?

The only explnation for this that i can think of , is that you've left the Xandros install cd's in one of your cdroms. I can't see any other reason why the install screen would come up.
Jim and Corey,
Thanks for your help. The issue here was that oh so common problem: user error. I burned a Xandros install iso when I meant to burn an Ubuntu install iso. I neatly labeled the CD with the Ubuntu logo and everything, which made it less likely for me to realize that that might not be what was actually on the disc. When I put it in my Xandros box, I thought Xandros was taking over. Silly me.
It happens to all of us smile.gif
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