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Full Version: Many Problems
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a beast of fire
I am a new linux user(but very experienced windows user) having following problems with redhat 7.2

Q1)My soundcard(i810_audio) does not works when I start redhat but configuring it with "text mode tool" configuration utility it works!!!... for 8-10 mins. After that it sleeps again and reconfigurating tells that "/dev/dsp" is busy.When shutting down message appears "i810_audio,dac,dma busy?".Whats wrong??

Q2)How the heck I automatically mount all the partitions with "automount"(or I think autofs) ?I tried to edit it's configuration file but it is very cryptic.

Q3)Should I upgrade to Mandrake 10???
ok A1) I don't have a good answer, I will get back to that in a sec

A2) If you want to mount all partitions automatically, you need to edit your /etc/fstab file. The option you want to add is auto so a line would look something like this
/dev/hda5 /mnt/stuff ext3 umask=000,users,auto 0 0

the key thing being auto.

A3) Should you upgrade to Mandrake 10? There really isn't an answer. It depends on a lot of things. Mostly, how fast is the computer (CPU and RAM) because Mandrake 10 is going to have a much more intensive GUI and in general eat up more of your system. On the other hand, it will probably have more device compatability, and has security updates. You could also look at Fedora Core 2, Gentoo, SuSE, or any of the other distros for that matter. Its all personal choice and and the only factor thats not is really if your computer can handle it.

Back to A1) Whats wrong? As you have probably guessed is has to do with how the computer is "letting go" of the device/module when it goes to sleep. I am not entirely sure why or what you want to do to fix it.

Maybe somebody else knows, or I will try to find some stuff.
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