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Full Version: Updated Suse 9.0
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Hi guys....

Hi re-installed Suse 9.0 completed the online update (assuming it took me upto 9.2) it's great, I have managed to intall Firefox and configure my QT and flash settings very easily... Also I have managed to use the include Scumm prog to play Curse of Monkey which is great...

I only hope other users have the same impression..... Does anyone have any idea how to send and recieve files using Gaim0.7?

I am now very close to switching to Suse instead of using WinXP

speak soon

GAIM v1.0.1-3 (comes in FC3) has file-sending support, but I know that earlier versions didnt have it.

Does Suse have ISOs? Last time i checked I couldnt find any...

I didn't have such a got experience on the updates sad.gif . I had SUSE 9.0 on my p2 box and did the update a week ago, but after the reboot the system just didn't come online mad.gif . I received tons of errors on bootup and I am not a LINUX guru who can fix OS related issues. I had to rebuild. Now I am running Fedora Core 3 smile.gif as you can easily download ISOs for it, where as it's a pain installing SUSE from an ftp server. I wish they would release ISOs cause it's a really cool flavour of linux. cool.gif
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