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Full Version: How Can I Download Music On Redhat 9.0
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hey i am completely dumb when it comes to downloading and installing files in linux. i don't know anything about it and i was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way that i can install some kind of program that will allow me to download music or movies from the web. if possible a step by step instruction would be great because everytime i try and download a file all i get is archived files and i dont know how to make them into workable programs... i am sorry for my ignorance but i really do want to learn how to use linux... are all versions of linux this difficult with downloading setup files and install packages... everytime i try to open some of the files it says nautilus does not have the right viewers or something... i really would like to get a music downloading site if possible so please let me know...

Legally, you can use which, ulike iTune sor the like, has no weird browser requirments. If you want to do the whole P2P thing, try limewire ( NB Limewire requires Java to run, im not sure if RH9 comes with Java, but if not, google normally throws up a fair number of instructions on how to get it working...

on the installatiopn front, you can use things called "RPMS" whaich contian the package, and all the info needed to install it. Youc an search for RPMs on and numerous other sites. TO install a package form comment line, open a shell (eg konsole) then type "su" and enter your rootpassword to get root privileges. Then execute rpm -i <filename of rpm> to install it. You should try and get RPMS built specifically for RH9, as they are more likely to work.

(Unfortunately, you might need to download extra RPMs to help the orignal one work. Packages rewuired in order to make another one work are known as dependencies. There are tools like yum which resolve dependecies for you, but they can be a bit confusing. It depends what you are best at - Getting to grips with new software like yum, or downlaoding and installaing rpms yourself biggrin.gif)

Thanxs for the info. i will try and find the rpms on my pc but not sure where or how to look. would the command line be the terminal cause i know how to get there? thanxs again...
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