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Full Version: Cannot Download - Konquer Freezes Up
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Hello, i am new to this forum but not linux smile.gif, my distro of choice is Mandrake and has been since 6.1, well on with the problem:

36 hours ago i installed Mandrake 10.0 to replace my 9.1 Distro and everything went smooth as always.

i compiled a new driver for my modem becuase smartlink released an update for kernel 2.6.3-7 Mdk stock for Alsa so i got it and installed it that went fine as well.

then i configured konquer to appear as standard windows browser win98se IE 5.5
and enabled Java support just like always then i log in to the net and start surfing and everything is just fine and dandy until i find that i cannot download anything from anywhere !.

i mean no text files,gifs,soruces, binaries nothing zip zilch nada at first i thought it was just the site, so i checked all kinds of sites and the same results every time.
so i got an idea i would use Kbear to get stuff from some FTP's and it wont even load it freezes and eventually i get the usual stopped responding error (that i have never seen until now) that always plauges windows.

then to top it all off i go to connect through Gaim to talk to my freinds and it just freezes as well during the connect Phase.

so i am basicly here with this problem becuase i have run out of ideas of what could be wrong and i was hoping someone here may have had a similiar problem and knew how to Fix it.

System Specs:

Mandrake 10.0 community (fresh install, Stock Kernel 2.6.3-7MDK)

Mobo: VIA M810 LMRH seris /w american mega trends bios 2000 ©.

256 MB of ram

Video Card: Excalibur 7000 Svideo out dual monitor ATI Radeon seris clone /w 64 mb ram GPU 350 mhz open GL 1.2 Compliant (AGP).

Hdd = 60 GB 7200 rpm 2 meg cache IBM
46 GB part (home)
10 GB part ( / )
2 GB part (usr)
2 GB part (swap)
all partitions are Reiser 3 fs

56k SIS 7013 AMR Winmodem using slmodem 2.9.10 driver

if more info is needed i will provide it, i would like to say thank you in advance for any help you can provide me with and i am sorry my first post is so long winded but i am just at a loss to solve the problem, usually i can find most problems by myself but this is just one of those times i can't.

Russell Morton.
Could be the modem, some Winmodems cause things to go wrong... Couldnt hurt to have a fiddle with it, or try replacing it with a non-win modem

well, i am back and have figured out the problem yah ! smile.gif, it was not the modem and i am not entirely sure if the upgrade driver is the total problem but after reinstalling the original (old) driver i had been using (2.9.9 slmodem) it went back to nornal operation so to anyone out there using these modem(s): SIS 730 AMR, IBM thinkpad 630,530 as well as HSP 56MR pctel seris modems stick to the old Slmodem drivers, as for why the new modem drivers from the same company do not work i cannot say i am not a programmer and have no Experince in C, C++ at this time but i am working on learning it.

Hopes this helps someone out but i doubt it.

Russell Morton
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