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Full Version: Help With Alsa
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Okay this all started when i tried to install a stupid little game called dopewars. wouldn't let me because i needed, which though searching i found came with ALSA, so iafter awhile i found that.. but am having problems.. i am fallowing step by step from this faq.

but when i get to MAKE it gives me a buncha stuff then

make: *** [compile] Error 1

I am a complete newb to this and would like to know what i am doing wrong if you can help-... THANKS.

Oh yeah, I am running Red Hat enterprise 3.0.. thanks again
First thing ... ALSA sound is not supported by RedHat for RHEL 3. If you have support from RedHat for your RHEL3, they won't troubleshoot any sound problems until you remove ALSA. There are required kernel module changes ... and it may cause sound issues with other installed programs that can't use ALSA.

ALSA is a whole different sound system than the version supported by RHEL 3 (named OSS) ... however ALSA is the standard sound system for the 2.6 kernel. (And for RHEL 4 beta2, Fedora Core 3, etc.)

We might be able to get ALSA to work with RHEL 3 ... and installed by RPMs and not source ... but do you really want to install a whole new sound system (and the potential hassels) for that specific game?

If so, let me know what kernel version you are running (uname -r) and I will try to compile the rpms for you...
i just ran rpm with --nodeps and it installed and it works great smile.gif so i think i am all set but thnk you for the help smile.gif
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