Oh, wise board! I require your help on the following issue:

I've installed Red Hat 9.0. Works well with everything, apart from modem connection.

The modem is a US Robotics Sportster Flash external modem. Connection is via the serial port.

Linux has found the modem. I used the standard Redhat Network connection wizard and although it didn't locate it as a plug&play device, it works on the ttsy port thing.

The modem dials out when I 'activate' it using the network manager. It appears to connect to the server (I've tried FreeServe and Virgin). However, it then disconnects shortly after. No reason is given. I've typed in the telephone number, account name and password - as it was set up using W***ows.

I know the external modem works, because I've used it under W***ows.

Any advice about next steps will be received with thanks and if I was the Queen I'd knight you for all your good work.