We are trying to get a shell script to run that listens on a port and when it receives the query it runs a program. Below are our entries in inetd,conf, services and the shell scripts. What is happening it recongnizes the quesrt coming in on the port and it runs the script but it only runs the 1st line. We have run the scrip from the command line and it works. Can anyone tell me what might be causing it to hang up after the first line. Could it be the inetd.conf entry? Thanks for all of you help in advance. Scott
1. /etc/services ENTRY

labcorp 9004/tcp # LABCORP HL7

2. the inted.conf ENTRY (SHOULD THERE BE an ARGUMENT at the end?)

labcorp stream tcp nowait root /boot/usr/newsoft/labhl7

3. the labhl7 script


4. lab_run script (we had it all under one script and tried to break it out to see if that would work and it did not) (it only runs the 1st line)

cat > /boot/usr/newsoft/GETLAB
cp /boot/usr/newsoft/GETLAB /boot/usr/newsoft/GETLAB2
# /boot/usr/newsoft/rmrk /boot/usr/newsoft/GETLAB /boot/usr/newsoft/GETLAB2
cat /boot/usr/newsoft/LABCOR >