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Full Version: Need Help Using The Gui
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Jim thank you for your help,I need a little more help here are my questions if you could answer them. How do you formatt a floppy doing it through the GUI?. Ping other Linux boxes using IP addresses to see if I could communcate across the router?.I only am up to using the GUI so thats why I asked I should have said that in my earlier post sorry.
Although there may be GUI tools to do these things, the best way to do them is still from the command line. Just launch a terminal, much like you would launch a dos promt in windows. All GUIs have a graphical command line. Xterm, aterm, termnial, there are all common in any distro. It comes up as a window and you can run commands in it just like you were in text mode.

Even if you intend to use a GUI you have to learn not to fear the command line. The command line is the quickest and most effective way to do most of the tasks you will do in linux.

I run a GUI but it is almost exclusivly for Firefox, Gaim, xmms, and some of the other frills. Everything else I do from the command line, file managment, file editing, disk management. Now I am not saying that you have to, but its a great way to go about it. You can have root privilage in any terminal simply by entering the command su and your root password so you don't have to log in and out.

The command line is your friend, now Chris will tell you that the command line is your only friend and that "GUI Sucks" but I advise learning to use them in harmony, you will be happy.
If you're using KDE or GNOME, take a few minutes and just browser through your menus. I know in KDE, you there is a built in floppy formatter in one of the menus (perhaps system or utilities), as well as many other useful utilities. When it comes to pinging other boxes, the best method is, as Jim said, using the command line. Which would be named anything from xterm, eterm, aterm, konsole, etc.
I like to use both the GUI and the command line ineterface (CLI) ... but I think it is very important to learn the command line way of doing things, so don't use the GUI as a crutch. (This is important for both Linux and Windows).

When something goes wrong and X fails to load, those command line skills will be very important smile.gif

Also, the GUI tools are normally just a front end to issue commands to the standard linux tools ... which are normally the same (or at least very similar) across distros.

I don't think the "GUI sucks" ... but I don't normally run GUI mode on servers either.

ChrisW thinks that "GUI sucks" though biggrin.gif
I just use the command line in my GUI. I have two virtual desk tops, and the one is just command line inlayed into the desk top. So a lot of the time I am just using a command line with a pretty back ground. I think that knowing how to use the CLI is very important. Of course, I have no idea how to us DOS (well some). Don't fear the CLI but don't hate the GUI either.
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