I have an IBM High Rate Wireless MiniPCI combo card and SuSE 8.1. SuSE correctly identifies its Prism 2 chipset and everything will work fine for a short period of time but then the connection stalls. After this, the card is no longer listed under iwconfig, and in most cases the stall practically crashes my system or at least brings it to a crawl.

The problem only seems to happen when I'm transmitting and receiving data at high speeds (i.e. 80kbps+). When I use tcpdump it won't stall, but as soon as I try to download even a 10 mb file, it stalls, guaranteed.

I have Windoze on dual boot, and wireless works fine there. Just SuSE has problems and stalls, but I'm partial to SuSE and I've had worse difficulty configuring the card in other distros.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance, I hope I was clear enough about the problem. I really want to fix it so I can keep out of Windows, except when I need to be there.