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Full Version: Pleas Help New User
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I am realy new to this .
I just install redhat 7.2 and I am lost
System bootup to GUI interface twice and now it loadin text format
How do I swithc back to GUI

and Second OS recognized my NIC however I cannot see machine on network

Thanx in advance

Did you change anything?
Something might be corrupted. Log in and then type in the command startx at the prompt. Post the errors if any.

What is the rest of the network? What are the other PCs. Any routers connected?
If you want windows PCs to have access then you will need to install samba if not already so.
Ya, Michael is right, type in Startx and post any errors you get. If you don't get any errors and your GUI starts up right, check your /etc/inittab file and make sure the line is


The key part being a 5 not a 3. If it is a three, just simply change it to a 5 and you will be ready to rock again.

As far as the nic card, when you say it recognized it, you mean you can get on-line right? And than what do you mean you "cannot see" the machine. From a windows "My Network Places" or from a network map or something like that?

7.2 wont by default be configured to hop on a samba network, your going to have to do that yourself.
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