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Full Version: I Can't Install My Wireless Driver
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I've downloaded the wireless driver that I used with windows xp but when I click it I get prompted with the "open with" window. What in the Linux world do I use to open it with. ***Here's my problem. My laptop has a wireless adapter intergrated into it. When I install "any" OS Linux or Windows, I always have to go to HP and download the driver for it. Will the Windows driver work for Suse Linux 9.1???
I'm afraid your windows driver for your wireless card won't work in linux, best bet do a google search IE:
linux + (name of wireless card), there maybe linux support for it already, if not, other option recompile the kernel (enable loadable modules and extra wireless drivers) to a more recent IE: if your using 2.4.26 try going to 2.6.9 (latest and greatest) there are some open source projects that have a driver that sees a wide variety of cards. <-- supports quite a few <- read up on this FAQ, you'll have to download from CVS and recompile the kernel.

If you never recompiled the kernel then this link is a good place to start:

Also here's some good howto's:

good luck.
Hi Linux_Networking/Q_20914693.html - 62k - x/txn131/Computer/Linux/wireless_hbg_psu.html
Some window drivers WILL work in linux, atleast for wireless PCMCIA cards.

For that, you want to use ndiswrapper. Only use this if linux doesn't have native drivers for it, though.

After you install the driver with ndiswrapper (ndiswrapper -i /mnt/cdrom/winxp/driver.inf)
modprobe ndiswrapper
iwconfig wlan0 key open (or restricted, depending) YOURHEXKEYHERE (if it's ascii, then S:YOURASCIIKEYHERE)
iwconfig wlan0 essid HOME (or whatever)
dhcpcd wlan0
What wireless card do you have? Some of them are natively supported depending on the kernel version you are currently using. I have an intel minipci card and I found a driver on sourceforge for it. but it's supposed to be supported soon.
Myself, I'm using the Acer IPN2220 802.11b/g {built-in to the Aspire 1360 series laptops}, it only works with the ndiswrapper at this time, the other way I've found around it is to run a linux from within winbloze (connectix virtual PC) (only till support becomes readily available). I've tracked down other drivers that are supposedly suppose to work (ark-linux-IPN2220) but it doesn't for this series of nic (wouldn't hook upto the AP I'm using even with no encryption or MAC Filtering).

OS: Slackware 10.0 (tried both 2.4.26 and 2.6.9 kernel)
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