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Jim thank you for your help,I need a little more help here are my questions if you could answer them. How do you formatt a floppy?. Ping other Linux boxes using IP addresses to see if I could communcate across the router?.

Again Thank You. unsure.gif
to format a floppy you do it this way

floppy --format /dev/fd0 (being fd0 the floppy drive)

and to ping other boxes just use the same ping command... ping for example (btw ping on linux stops until you press ctrl+c tongue.gif )

Do you want to format the floppy with a linux or the regular msdos filesystem.
Some more examples:

An ext2 filesytem:
mke2fs /dev/fd0

msdos filesystem (aka out of the box)
mkdosfs /dev/fd0
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