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I originally posted this in the hardware forum; I think it belongs in this forum. I would delete it from hardware if I knew how.

I setup kmail in the root session and I can send and receive mail with no problem. When I go to a non-root user session I can receive but I can't send mail. It just sits in the outbox. When I start the kmail application in my non-root user session I get the following errors:

Error: plug-in "open pgp" installion unsuccessful.
library: /usr/lib/cryptplug/gpgme-open
version: 0.3.16
plug-in is out of date or not installed properly.

error: plug-in "smine" installation unsuccessful.
library: /usr/lib/crptplug/
plug-in is outdated or not installed properly.

Why does it work in the root session and not the regular user session? I went into yast --> software uninstall and searched for kmail thinking I would uninstall and reinstall kmail(like a true windows user). I could not find kmail so I guess it's an intergal part of kde or something, I did find "crypto" plug-in package. I thought I would uninstall that and reinstall it, but when I saw the warning that it would break oth... I chickened out, and decided to ask for help.
I'm no longer getting the error msgs when I open kmail as a non-root user, but I still can only receive mail.
I deleted the kmail setup in the root and in the user sessions. I reconfigured only the user session for kmail and now I can send (and receive) in the user session. I did not try to reconfigure kmail in the root session because all the advice says work out of the user session and only use the root for administrative purposes, etc... Makes sense to me. I would still like to know why kmail would not send from the user session when it was configured in both user and root sessions. I am positive that it was configured correctly in both the user and root sessions.
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