Hi fellow linuxians,
I decided to run linux for my first time (mainly due to most scientific programs require linux...death to windows)
Anyway i have a pentium 166mmx @200mmx, with 64mb ram, intel 430tx chipset and 3 hardrives (2g,1.2gX2), s3 Virge
I have tried installing Redhat 6.1, Mandrake 8.1 & 9, but i cant not get a 3 buttoned mouse to function, i have tried connecting to serial port COM1 and COM2 and no deal
The gibberish before the installation states a ps/2 mouse port detected, however during installation it doesnt work (even if i assign the port manually)
The mouse worked in windows so theres nothing wrong with the mouse, i have also disabled the either ports to reduce the chance of conflict still no cigar...
Can anyone help because im sick of the tabbing.