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Full Version: Problem With Ms & Mandrake Dual Boot System
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I just loaded Mandrake linux 10.1 on my HD with windows XP. I had 48G of unused space on my HD so I loaded linux on the other non used partition. Setup and everything went well, but when linux loaded; after all was setup it asked me for my login & password. I typed it and it just listed a command with a $ at the end. It wouldn't do anything else. Am I missing something? Can someone help me?
So the x server didn't start. When you were installing did you go through the whole x configuration process and select it to start at boot?

Type startx at the command line prompt. If the GUI doesn't start then post any errors and your make / model of your video card. If it does start then you can go to the Mandrake Control Center and change the settings for X to start at boot.
Ok, I decided to Re-load linux and these are the errors I came up with:

1. During the installation---error installing packages xorg-xll-server-6.7.0-3mdk.i586. It asked me if I wanted to go on with install and I said YES.

2. After install when Mandrake boots I get error: Failed to start X server.

These are the errors when It asks me if I want to view them:

3. Failed to load module "bitmap" (module does not exist, 0)
4. Failed to load module "pcidata"(module does not exist,0)

I have a NVidia PNY FX5900 video card.

Can someone help me?
Problem Fixed!! Thanks!
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