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Full Version: Redhat 9 Help Cannot Access Outside Local Network
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I am a newbie in Linux and have just installed Red Hat 9 on a old machine I have. I hooked it into my local network I have set up at my house which consists of 3 Windows XP machines. I have all my PCs connected to a router to access the Internet. I set up the linux box for DHCP and activated eth0. But I cannot connect to outside my Local area network!! I am connected to my local network.. I did ifconfig and all my IP address and Subnet mask are correctlly setup. I can ping my local network and can see my other computers in the network but cannot ping outside the local network. When I try and access the web I get an eror that the page cannot be found right away. I dont know what else to do.

Another question.. Does Redhat 9 have linuxconfig? It is in every book i have but I when i type that command I get an error cannot be found?

One more question, sorry. The Gnome desktop. I have installed it but how do I access it? I want to add users and stuff and it is in other Linux books I have but I cannot find it in my install?

Thank in advance. I love linux just dont know a lot.
Did you configure the router as the gateway?
Look at the output of the command
route -n
Does the /etc/resolv.conf file contain any info like:

AFAIK most distros have not included linuxconf in a while.
I did a route -n

My configuration looks like this

Destination Gateway Genmask

I dont know what else to do.

Thanks for the help
What about your /etc/resolv.conf file.
All it says is search local domain
So your not getting any DNS addresses from the router.
Look at the windows network config and copy the DNS information.
Add an entry for each address like

You can either delete the search local domain or stick a # in front to comment out the line.
Thank you it works now. Thank you so much..

Is there a graphical tool to add users and customizze your settings? I have a book of Red Hat 6.0 and it has the gnome desktop and it has a very nice looking graphical interface to it where you can dd your users and groups. I have lready added users and groups using command line but would like to know if there are graphical tools also?

Thank you for all the help
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