I setup kmail and in the root session and I can send and receive mail with no problem. When I go to a non-root user session I can receive but I can't send mail. It just sits in the outbox. When I start the kmail application in my non-root user session I get the following errors:

Error: plug-in "open pgp" installion unsuccessful.
library: /usr/lib/cryptplug/gpgme-open pgp.so
version: 0.3.16
plug-in is out of date or not installed properly.

error: plug-in "smine" installation unsuccessful.
library: /usr/lib/crptplug/gpgme-smine.so
plug-in is outdated or not installed properly.

Why does it work in the root session and not the regular user session? I went into yast --> software uninstall and searched for kmail thinking I would uninstall and reinstall kmail(like a true old windows man). I could not find kmail so I guess it's an intergal part of kde or something, but I found "crypto plug-in package. I thought I would uninstall that and reinstall it, but when I saw the warning that it would break oth... I chickened out, and decided to ask for help.