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Full Version: Ati 9200se And Kde Question
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I hope this is the right forum to post this...
well i have a 9200se on my linux machine....
before updating the kernel the 3D acceleration was working correctly.
but now that i have updated the kernel it doesn't work.

the release of my linux is 2.6.5-7.111-default... i'm using suse 9.1 pro.
what can i do... to fix this problem... please help

my other question is how and were can i get themes for KDE and how to install them... thank you!
As to the ATI 3D issue, how did you install the ATI 3D driver in the first place?

There are some KDE Themes included in SUSE 9.1 pro ... if you haven't already installed them via YAST, the package is called:


You can get other KDE themes for KDE 3.2 here
Well i installed the drivers which suse has on the FTP server....

but actually i got the ATI driver work ( the one from ATI web page ) so my problem is sloved...
Except i only get 700 FPS in glx_gears.... lol is this normal ?

thank for the link!
700 fps is pretty good for a pII 350 ... I use mostly NVIDIA cards in Linux, and I get only about 900 fps with a GeForce2 MX400 w/64mb RAM (1 gb main ram on a P4-1.6Ghz machine). I get close to 2000 fps with a GeForce4 5200FX w/128mb RAM (3gb main RAM, dual p4 xeon 1.8ghz machine).
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