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Full Version: Problems With Dual Boot System
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I have a 2 hard drive system with one hard drive with windows and one with linux. i installed linux (fedora Core 2) to the second one yesterday and the installation went fine. i set the boot loader to the linux hard drive as i didnt want to touch my widows HD. then i tried rebooting and it just booted linux, so i figured it was probably just an erorr with the boot priorities so i changed the #1 HD to the HD with linux so it would boot before the linux one. Well it worked, sort of. now when i boot my PC with the linux hard drive it just brings up a black screen with text in the top left corner that says "GRUB..." i know this is the name of the bootloader but i dont know what it is doing. it doesnt respond to any keyboard or mouse input, i have to restart the computer. I reinstalled linux (completely reformated the HD) thinking that that just might have been the problem, a bad install, but that didnt work either. i dont know what to do. please help...


BTW im using Fedora Core 2
Ya, the best way to do a dual boot system is to put the boot loader (Grub) on the MBR of the primary drive.

What ever the set up you have, you need to have it booting to grub. So my recomendation is to re-install grub (NOT LINUX) to the MBR of your primary drive. It will be ok, don't worry, it wont hurt your windows system, and you can always restore it later.

Boot up your linux system, get a command line, get root privilage, and type grub now type these two commands.

root (hd1,0)
(this is the partition where your kernel images and grub configurations are saved. Bassically where your boot folder is.)
setup (hd0)
(this sets grub up on the MBR of your primary drive)

Set your bios to boot to your master drive, and you should be ready to rock and roll.
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