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Full Version: Cant Find Programs
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please help me i am new to linux so new that this is the second time i have logged on.
i have been trying to install programs from my cd i think i have done it but am not sure.
i cant find any of the programs that i have installed. when i use windows it tells me and i can just choose them from the list at the start menu.
the programs i have installed are mysql and apache and a mails server.
i am running mandrake 10.1
thank you for anyone thats helps me in advance
those three programs don't really have GUI interfaces that your going to load up from the launch menu (start menu). They are going to be configured, managed, started, and stopped all from the command line. I believe you can get GUI fronts for some of them, but I have never used them.

I know this doesn't really answer you question, but I don't have time to launch into details on all three programs right now, we can help you out with specific questions, or if you want us to point you in a direction, but one of the best ways to learn linux is just by diving in and messing around.

I offer this piece of key advice, always make a copy of any config file before changing it.
cp important.conf important.conf.working
That command will copy the file important.conf to a new file called important.conf.working if your changes don't work, just reverse the order, and it will reverse the process.
If you loaded the programs from the install CDs then they should already be configured to run. These programs are called daemons (also known as services) and they run in the background. You can use the Mandrake Control Center to start/stop these services. In the services menu you will probably see apache listed as httpd.
thank you i will have a play around
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