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Full Version: Help Me Please!
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Okay I loaded redhat 8 on a machine and the login was root pasword was son who is eight managed to change it now I cannot get there a way to circumvent this screen to get in so I can learn this program!!!
Wait, he changed the root password? Wow, um, well first off, let that be a lesson to never use root as a normal user. Always, always, always make a normal user and use that for every day use, and only us root privilages to make changes when needed.

If he changed the root password I don't know any reasonable way to change it back. Maybe somebody else does. I can tell you how to get in and get your files off, I can tell you how to get into single user mode, but other wise, your up the creek with out a padle.
Your box got rooted by an 8 year old, lol.

I'm afraid my 2 year old daughter will be able to do that soon. eep.
RH 8 ....

HMmmmmm this should be verry easy, depending on which boot loader you are using.
If you are using grub without any boot loader password on it, instead of choosing a kernel or
linux distro to boot from the boot loader, you can actually drop to shell from grub.
once at the# prompt just type "passwd" and update your root password to what ever you want.

hope this helps.
Can you do that? I didn't think you had privilage to write passwds from single user mode. If you can, then ya, its that simple, but I didn't think you could do that.
It depends Jim there is no harm in trying..
Just boot in single user mode...
At the grub prompt press 'e' after that..move your cursor to the kernel 'e' again and add 'single' to the end of that line.
press 'enter' and press 'b'.

If everything goes correct..then you should get all powerful god prompt.."#" and after that change your password.

And keep us posted about...another excusrion of your child prodigy.
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