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Full Version: Msdos Files In Linux
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I have an Iomega 100 atapi zip drive installed on a machine with SUSE linux 9.1(kernel 2.6.4-52). I can write and read linux files to/from the zip drive . I cannot read msdos(windows fat) files. The zip drive is mounted to the directory '/media/zipdrive'. Linux recognizes the zip drive as "hdd". I unmounted the zip drive and tried to remount it as follows (according to one of my Linux books). "Mount -t msdos /dev/hdd /media/zipdrive". It didn't work. I get the returned msg "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdd, or too many mounted file systems". The fstab file entry for the zip drive is:

/dev/hdd /media/zipdrive subfs

I don't know what subfs means I just copied it from the cd rom drive fstab entry. I thought the file system for linux is ext2. Hope you can help on this, I have some important backed up files on the zip disk that I need to recover for an app (moneydance) that I can run in linux. I blew Windows away and am currently just running linux.
I'm not real familar with SuSE but normally a preformated zip disk is FAT32 which in linux terms is a vfat filesystem and the data is written on the 4th partition.

mount -t vfat /dev/hdd4 /media/zipdrive

Now when you say that you can not read windows files do you mean that you can see but can not open? You can not see that the files are present on the disk at all?
I tried the vfat instead of msdos but I got the same error msg as b4. I don't even see the windows files listed on the zip disk. But then I added the '4' to hdd as in your example (mount -t vfat /dev/hdd4 /media/zipdrive) and it worked! I now can read the windows files.
Why does the added '4' work. There is only one hdd device? Thanks a lot for your help.
In most cases you need to specify the partition number when mounting a disk drive device. A natively formated zip disk uses the 4th partition. I believe Iomega did this to be able to swap between MACs and PCs.
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