I came across a few useful articles today that some people might find interesting.

The first is a list of 20 applications for gnome that you can't live without. I'm mostly a KDE user, however, I do use some of these apps and find them really nice:


The second article, while meant to be tounge-and-cheek, may actually be useful to people who are looking for a distribution to use. I'm sure the article was meant to be funny, however, there is some truth to it, and I agree with most of it:

What your choice of Distribution says about you

And to round it off, here is an article on linux.com regarding sound in linux. A lot of people out there have trouble with sound, and many are confused as to the difference between a sound driver (OSS, ALSA) and sound servers (arts, esd, etc.). This article goes into a bit of detail between the difference of the two, and why you would want to use a sound server: