ok I have an older box (800mhz compaq) i would like to start getting into linux on.

I have finally settled on slackware (yes i know) and vetor as my two main distros and an possibly fedora core instead of one of them later on.

I have been all over the web trying t find out how to put both slackware and vector on my comp but to no avail. everything is for xp and linux and xp does alot of the work for you.

I have a 20.4 gb hd (not alot i know) i have set it up already using the included cfdisk to:

hda1     boot       primary           linux            9947.75

hda2                  primary           linux            9947.75

hda3                  primary        linux swap         518.68

anyway I installed vector on hda1 and let it set up lilo for me, *this os works...

I then tried to install slackware on hda2 and once again let it set up lilo hoping it would recognise it as dual boot. but it didnt work, actually it didnt even change lilo to boot to slackware instead of vector. It still only shows vector

so if anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated..

also if you could tell me about some sites where i can learn a little more about vector and slackware it would be very helpful as well

thanks all.