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Full Version: Mplayer Installation Help
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I just downloaded mplayer and am not sure how to install it. I did it through console with the "wget" and it is there. How do I install it??
Linux newbie.

What is your distro and version of Linux?

It is usually easier to get a version which is already compiled than to try and compile mplayer form scratch.
I am running Mandrake 10.0. How do I go about getting and installing it? I am used to wndows point and click to install, so this Linux is new to me on installing programs. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated by this linux newbie. Thanks you!!!
Whether you have downloaded the sources or just the binary.

If you have downloaded the binary(mostly a RPM file)then you can install it using command "#rpm -i mplayer.xx.rpm"

if you have downloaded you can install using following command.
$ ./configure --enable-gui
$ make;su
#make install

source will have a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 extenstion.
I see that you had posted your distro in the title before, sorry about not seeing it the first time smile.gif

If you setup urpmi per these instructions, after doing updates, you can install mplayer using this command (as root) from a terminal window:

urpmi mplayer mplayer-fonts mplayer-gui mplayerplugin mplayer-skins

OR (after doing the urpmi info in the above instructions link)

run rpmdrake, search for mplayer, and install the above programs via the GUI.
I am not sure about rpmdrake. Sorry that is new to me. How do I find, install, etc using rpmdrake. Where is that at on my computer?? Sorry about all the questions. Thanks.
Actually..i also..don't know..what is your distro and i am too lazy to search..can you just post it here...
In mandrake 10, rpmdrake is the default graphical installer. If you have X installed (and Mandrake Control Center) then you should be able to get to rpmdrake by either typing it in a terminal window inside of X, OR select Install Software from Mandrake Control Center.

You will have to remove the the CDs and add the internet media sources via the above urpmi install instructions, then mplayer will be installable via rpmdrake.
I have tried to install mplayer using rpmdrake but it won't because of this message:

Sorry the following package(s) can't be selected:

mplayer-1.0-0.pre3.13.100mdk.i586(due to unsatisified

I have been experiencing the "unsatisfied" while trying to install different packages. What does that mean. Can I correct it.

It means that before you can isntall the program you want to, you ahve to isntall another program to help the other one work. This is where sites like come in handy, as they help you find RPMs (installation files) for the dependencies (programs that are required by another program)

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