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ok this should be a simple fix I just dont know how to do it...
I was messing around with my shortkuts for amaroK and i changed the volume up and down to use the global shortcut of the up and down keys. after I did this I noticed when using terminal I could no longer scroll through previos commands using the up and down keys, then when updating livjournal I couldnt use up and down to scroll through text.
in any aplication now the up and down keys dont do anything any more... any one know how to fix it?
I don't know what amaroK does for shortcut keys ... but it seems that it interprets the key press before KDE ... so it will turn up and turn down the volume, reguardless of whether amaroK is the selected program or not.

If you are playing music, does the volume go up and down while you press the keys, even when konsole is the active window?

You may have to pick other keys for the shortcuts.
I already changed the shortcuts to something different than the up and down, as well as reset all the shotcuts back to the defaults, and I still cant use up and down
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