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Full Version: Folder Raid/merging
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I need help with a thing, I got a server with alot of drives.
I do not wanna JBOD or Raid em. if one fail lots of data needs to be replaced.
What I am thinking of is linking several folders into 1 folder.

like this

/mnt/hdb1/stuff1 >> /raid/stuff
/mnt/hdc1/stuff2 >> /raid/stuff
/mnt/hdd1/stuff3 >> /raid/stuff
/mnt/hde1/stuff4 >> /raid/stuff

creating a folder with the total data of the other folders....
ioFTPd solved it like this

"The contents of two or more dirs can be merged as shown below.
Note: For read-only purposes! Writing is however possible, uploaded
files (in a raided VFS dir) will be stored on last device specified,
in this case e:dir2.

"d:dir1" /archive
"e:dir2" /archive

Can this be done? In Linux? I'm a n00b, but I have been
working with large arrays a while and I'm getting tierd of the
massive ammount of folders.
Please help or inform me.
You can't have more that 1 partition mounted into a directory ... and you can't link mutiple directories into the same location...

You could do LVM or RAID.
You did not read the question....

The server is used for movable hotswop drives.
One folder for the department workdir, when the
user go home, then he takes the drive with him.
Try to do that on a Raid.... it is Impossible.

LVM and Raid can anyone do, I am interested in
linking folders into one, by FTP software or by
OS. If it can't be done I'll make the software
me self, but why invent the wheel if some
one already did?

Thank you for your answer, even if it did not help.
I re-read the question ... your first post didn't talk about removable drives, just that you had a lot of physical drives and that you wanted them linked (to be named) one folder. Raid and LVM can take several drives and allow then to be one device, thereby making them one folder. Obviously, that won't work if you remove a physical drive from the system.

Now, after reading your second post, I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish ... but I'll take a stab at explaining your situation ... which you can correct if I'm wrong. After that, I can recommend a solution.

1. You have some removable hard drives that users can remove and do work at a remote location. They can bring the remote drives back. When they bring the drives back, they can put them into thier PCs.

So far, you don't need to copy anything anywhere....
Are the removable drives bootable, containing all data and system files, so you put them in a remote machine and it boots ... or are they only data, requiring a remote OS?

Do you have only one hardware device for making the removable hard drives, that needs to sync the info out to removable device and back in when the device comes back? Or are there seperate devices and seperate computers that they plug into?

When the devices come back and you sync them up, do you put all the returning info in the same place, or do some drives have data that goes to one place, while other drives have date that goes somewhere else?

You might be able to use the rsync command to do what you want ... but I will need more details to help.
Ok down to Details then wink.gif

There is a network with alot of computers.
The network got a Server that hold the drives that the Department employees use.

The drives contain a folders like this

subdep it is mounted into their own folder as /home/user/subdepartment

That will automount to the server as the same, giving EVERY one access to a gigantic Readonly folder.
Every Week the sum of the server is mirrored to a Special Backupserver.

At their home they got only their own folder, but at the Department they can access the sum of all work
in /Department/User/Subdepartment

Right now there are 40 folders for 40 workers, with several subfolders.

Imagine one folder with 40 workers, with one subfolder containing the subdivision data.
the users got a home dir with their own work only.
and a /Department folder with the sum off all inside.

I am testing this with ioFTPd, it is working...
But I want to use Unix/Linux due to it is far superior as server.

the mirror got access to 1 week old work, and the "If in" got access to "this instant" work.

Following the method I want, then a head or group leader can easily check work and how far it has come.
And can with fairly little access intersect a problem before it occure or before the men run out of workhours.
To copy rendered data to a server takes time. But to access need only data can make it very effective.

I hope you see the dept of my resoning, my English is rather bad but I hope you see what I am reaching for.

Thanks again
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