I am running FC2 under kernel 2.6.8-1.541 and have installed the following ISDN modem: Eicon Diva 2.01 PCI. The Eicon Divas are listed in the network setup GUI, but for some reason I cannot activate this modem. I have tried using the Diva 2 and the Diva 2_0U settings.

I know the hardware is good, because I can connect under windows XP (machine is dual boot). The ISP settings should be good for the same reason. Also when the machine is on an ordinary (non-ISDN) line, I can connect under FC2 using a 56k modem card.

The ISDN modem has been detected and configured, but when I try to activate it, the process only gets as far as triggering the dial before the status window disappears and I'm left with an inactive modem.

I will try to find a detailed log and post it, but in the meantime can anybody help? I've had a pretty good linuxhead attempt to fix the problem and he came up blank, so I'd be especially interested to hear from anyone who has had the same problem and whether they have found a fix or not - thanks!