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Full Version: Kde Issue
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its a minor problem, but it gets annoying. When I click on the maximize button and the window takes up the whole screen as it should, but when I click the button again it doesn't restore it back to its original size. its worse now though, because I finally have the twinview working and some windows open anlready maximized making it imposiple to move them to the other screen. I have tried checking the window behavior in the "configure your desktop" and looked for anything relevent in the control center but didnt find anything...
BTW im using mandrake 10.1 if that helps
On KDE's website it lists this bug as resolved. hove do I get a hold of a fix for it???
It's probably fixed in CVS and will be available in the next release. You will either have to wait until the next release when Mandrake packages are made, or you can install the CVS. I would suggest just waiting until the next release because KDE takes a long time to compile, even on beefy systems.
obviously, you will need to be installing updates form mandrake to get the fix when it happens.

If you have 10.1 Community, they don't really have the full paths pushed out yet to the mirrors ... and they probably won't get everything squared away with the FTP mirrors until the 10.1 final edition comes out.
well thats not exactly the news i was hoping for, but I guess thats just the way it is. thanks
OK ... just for info, the FTP tree is out for Mandrake 10.1 on most of the mirrors (in the official branch), although it does not contain files yet (except the source SRPMS).

If you really MUST update before the final comes out, you can do so like this (from the devel branch):

urpmi.removemedia -a
(that removes all the current sources)

Add the urpmi paths to the 10.1CE paths:
urpmi.addmedia main with

urpmi.addmedia jpackage with

urpmi.addmedia contrib with

urpmi.addmedia updates with media_info/

Then do:

urpmi.update -a
urpmi --auto-select

You will get all the updates execpt the kernel ... to get the kernel, do:

urpmi kernel

and pick the latest .i586 kernel, currently it is:


(you will have to rebuild the NVIDIA drivers if you install the new kernel).

There are some KDE upgrades in the latest packages (compared to first 10.1CE isos).
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